Samsung SM-G530H white display after flash solution

Many times, I flash the Samsung g530h but some time i face white display issue.

G530h black screen after flash

Cause: This type of problem comes when we flash wrong csc file.

Solution : So we need to proper region file for sort out this problem.

Here i give you a proper file to sort out this type of problem.

Just flash with this firmware G530HXCU1AOA2_G530HOJV1AOA1_ACR 

You can download this file from here: Download

Use any software for flashing…..


Samsung G615f FRP Remove Successfully (Method)

How to remove frp of samsung g615f?

Samsung G615f FRP Remove Successfully (Method)

If your phone updated…, means latest security patch has been updated then use this method to remove the frp because i try many methods but all fails and finally i got this which i share with you..
Here it described briefly by the video. This video showing that how to remove the frp through free tools and it’s easy to learn method of removing the frp of any method….
Tools and files Download links here:

Combination file: download

Original Stock firmware: download

Method: First open the odin software and put combination file into odin software.
Now flash the phone with combination file.
After the flash with combination, your phone will be in factory mode.
Now you can enable adb easily means Open usb DEBUG In Settings.
Then flash with original stock file which is downloaded…(G615FXXU1AQF4_G615FODD1AQF4_INS )
Warning : After Flash don’t Wipe Your cell phone.

Just watch the video carefully, if problem remains then ask me through comments…

Samsung S7 Edge Frp remove Method 100% working

Samsung S7 Edge Frp remove Method 100% working and tested method:
SAMSUNG S7 FRP bypass method
No need any pc and cable and softwares for remove the account, just need
wifi connection only.This method tested many times… and this method work also on s8.
Tools for bypass frp of samsung s7 all models. to make a call
Pangu FRP Bypass tool – –
Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0 – –
RealTerm: Serial/TCP Terminal – –
Google account manager(7.0 to 7.1.2) – –
Google account manager(6.0 to 6.0.1) – –
Google account manager(5.0.1 to 5.1) – –
Android-n (Nougat) bypass
You can see detail in this video which is attached here.

Ultra Fast Rechargeable Battery

ultra fast rechargeable battery

The scientists of drexel university working on charging of battery which will be charged in seconds.

Dr. uri says that it is possible to make a ultra fast energy storage device with the help of this research.

These type of devices will be fastly charged in future. In these type of batteries not available now a days

because scientists working on it, but in future you will be seen in 2020’s cellphones.



Samsung J710f flash file and solved the Wifi Problem

If your phone Samsung j710f have problem like wifi or bluetooth problem you can sort out easily with the help of this solution.

Problems: Wifi not work, bluetooth not work, hang or restart problem, some time it shows error during connectivity of wifi.

Solution: When you faces these types of problem in j710f just flash with this flash file.

Download flash file: Download

After the flash with this file you can easily recover the phone and sort out whole types of problem which you faces in phone.

Sometimes these fault creates during flashing or updating the phone, so use this flash file to recover it.


Samsung G531 Back Camera Problem Repair Solution

The high request from my customers, finally i get the solution of back camera problem of samsung g531 , so

now i am able to share with you because it is tested by me.

Problem symptoms: Camera not work, blank display when open the camera, some time it shows error like (unfortunately camera has stopped )

etc, some time it hangs when open the camera.

Causes of problem: Some time we use the camera badly, some time this happens due to fell down, some time this happens due to moisture or

fell down into the water.

Solution: If problem causes due to fell down into  the water then open the phone and clean with thinner and use hot gun to dry it and check the phone

that the problem will solved or not, if problem remains then check the voltage as highlighted in the upper picture solution and finally replace the highlighted resistances named R604 and R605.

I hope your problem will be solved. If you like my solutions then never forget say thanks and share this post with your loved ones.


Samsung G531 lcd and light issue solution

This is major issue of samsung g531 cellphone, the screen goes to dark and not show anything on the display.

Customers worried about screen damage but Actually it is not display or lcd fault, it’s only display light issue.

So you don’t worry it’s all ok, Just use this solution and get phone live again, no need any replace the screen or lcd.

Solution: First remove the highlighted resistance then replace the u200 ic, which is also highlighted.

And one other thing which you check, means check the voltage which is already point out in the upper picture solution.

I hope your problem will be solved. All solutions are tested but use at your own risk because company not responsible for any act.


Samsung G531 Mic problem solution


Call Voice not outgoing, some time listen lot of noise during call, some time voice interrupt again and again.

These all symptoms shows the problem in mic or related parts.

So i finally i share the problem solution when i changed the mic but problem not solved.


First replace the mic with new one but if problem remains then use this solution.

Just replace the highlighted component named L512 which is shown in the upper picture.

After the replace the L512 component, you are able to listen voice from mic’s problem phone.

This solution is tested by gsm team but use at your own risk. Company is not responsible for any act.

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Samsung G531 charging problem solution

Brand = Samsung

Model = G531

Problem = charging not show

Due to high request of  my customers which already do work on mobile repairing field.

I share with you a common problem solution in Samsung g531 cellphone, its called charging fault.

Symptoms: It does not work when attach the charger into phone, some time show the charging on the screen

but not save, means  it shows fake charging. My solution which i share with you overcome all types of problems.

Solution: First check the battery if the battery working well then replace the highlighted component named u4003

which shown in the upper picture. I hope your will be solved .

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