iPhone 4S says NO SIM $ problematic ios stuff ios/hardware , assistance please

I have an iPhone 4S When I insert a sim card into the phone it says NO SIM.

I have tried

1) Restoring the phone
2) Resetting the Time on the phone.
3) Put the motherboard in a different phone.

The Baseband and Modem Firmware all function
as does the WiFi. The Phone is currently stuck on the ACTIVATION
screen because it will not read sim card.

In another thread someone said it is Resistor R3 on an iPhone 4S
I dont have a schematic so can someone tell me how to fix

iphone 4s INSERT SIM

iPhone 4s screen freeze then fade to black – problem in cellphone

Hello. Sometimes thus iPhone 4s will work for hours at a time, sometimes a few minutes. The problem is the screen will freeze, then gradually fade to a blank black screen. It still works fine because I hear lock sound etc. normally when it goes black I have to press lock button to lock phone then when I press it again it goes back to normal. So pressing the lock button twice normally fixes the issue. Because of this I cant figure out if it is an LCD issue or a motherboard issue. When the screen is black it still registers touch. For example I can still type if I know where the letters roughly are and still swipe and click stuff. Any to be helped would be much appreciated as I have never seen this problem before. Water indicators are all white. Thanx.

Odd iPhone 4s Behaviour after Power / Sensor Cable Replacement – & iphone

Had issues Along with the power button and proximity sensor. Replaced the power / sensor cable via the iFixIt guide iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable Replacement.

Now I have the following issues and am wondering if there they all point to a single hardware issue (bad / damaged cable or something) or if there could be several connection or other problems post-repair.

– Power button is stuck down. Works, but hyper sensitive and 95% of the time the phone behaves as if I

iPhone 5s error -1 – new ios lot of issues and now

I have an iPhone 5s gold .it showing just searching …phone is unlocked and no Apple ID inside .but in about there was no imei option .i checked manually imei press *#06# but dont show
Then I am restored this phone use iOS 8.1.3 .but once time its show error -1
I am try to restore Along with recovery mode and dfu mode .but try failed Along with same error

I dont understand about error -1 ,to solved this issue what can I do ?
Need solution from expert
Looking forward quick reply from expert