Hiw do you speed up cheap China tablet – firmware of Tablet ?

Hi guys. I have a cheap no name generic android tablet Along with android 4.4.2 kitkat.I modded the firmware Along with dragonface and added some su files and binaries. I also updated busybox to the lastest version. It is a cheap amazon tablet. I would like to know how to make it faster. Ex. Ram, speed. Etc
I have tried different ram swapping apps but I dont think they are working.I also went into developers options and turn off the transition scales and various settings and set the backgroud limit to at most 2 processes.I dont see much if a difference in speed either. The tablet is rooted Along with kingroot.So my question is how can I speed it up. Or how can i get the root swap apps to work.So far I have tried a cpu control app that lets you change the cpu frequency but it doesnt work to well.Can i get a root swap app to work on my device or is there a app to speed up this cheap tablet? Thanks for the to be helped and sorry if this post was so long.Am also sorry if this is a stupid question. 😊