need help with root for zte z768g – how to over come this problem flash file or other issue

***I used kingoroot an rootchecker says its rooted but none of the abilities of root work i have superuser installed n busy box says its installed but still only thing that works us roircheckerdying in rooted kindly to be helped .

Updated  to z768g root procedure,

found its solution as follows .

Rooting this phone is very simple I will put a tutorial on how you can root your phone. Before we start I want you to remember that rooting will tamper the warranty on your phone. Rooting might brick the device permanently making it unusable so do this on your own risk. Things you need to download. •Kingoapp To root your device. 1. Go to the link above. 2. Click “download from FTP. 3. Install it. 4. Open it. 5. Open your phone go to Settings. 6. Open Applications. 7. Select Development Option. 8. Put a Check on “USB Debugging Mode”. 9. Now connect your phone to your computer using USB cable. 10. Wait for the drivers to be installed. 11. Follow the instructions on Kingoapp. 12. Click Root. I took a screen when I did that process, view it to help you further.







Open the links in that order to view the step by step tutorial.

HTC PJ03100 Restart On Logo Customer ID Incorrect Plz Help Me – Newest Htc

HTC PJ03100 Restart On Logo…
When I Udate it Along with RUU Firmware Show This Erro….
I Have Tried These RUU Firmware Still Same Prob Please Help Me Which is Correct Firmware Please Guide Me…

RUU_Pico_HTC_Balkan_1.17.1131.2_Radio_10.30.80.09H _1.10.80.13M2_release_221196_signed.exe
RUU_Pico_HTC_WWE_EastEurope_1.17.479.2_R_Radio_10. 30.80.09H_1.10.80.13M2_R_release_225270_signed.exe

HTC desire 608t 3g problem – have to Buy Htc new ?

My problem is that the device does not support 3g network in the Middle East

This is because the device only supports technology


While in my country there are only coverge


Is there a solution until it supports the third generation in my country

Device Along with a copy ANDROID 4.1.2

Thank you

[Request] HTC 820Q RUU – Htc mobile problem

I want htc 820Q ruu file. I have spent several hours googling but didnt find ruu for this device. I have checked the following websites- easy-firmware, htcruu, xda, androidfiles, htcdev and this gsm-forum itself BUT alas! i did not find ruu of 820q.

i registered on gsm-forum only to post this request. I have seen that gsm-forum members are somehow able to get ruu of any device. i have downloaded firmwares of rare mobiles from gsm-forum posts. i hope i wont be disappointed this time too