Vivo V1 Max Imei repair done

its found in common practice that imei of phone gets corrupt , due to imei problem phone does not work and sometimes hangs on logo. i observed in my experience to solve the repair the imei of Vivo V1 Max we can use this following method by using Qualcomm Flasher in falcon box. following is a method of imei repair.

Method:follow these steps
(1) Use Qualcomm flasher in falcon box.
(2) use security method
(3) select fast boot mode
(4) hit the repair option.

after completion of process disconnect the phone from box and restart it . i am sure you have done the Vivo V1 Max Imei repair .

feel free to ask me if there is any query about this method .

Huawei y336-u02 unlock Done

Huawei y336-u02 unlock Done with the help of falcon box
Just use unlock button.
Asking Server for Access..
Checking User Login.. ok
Waiting for Phone…
Phone Found..
Manufacturer : HUAWEI
Model : HUAWEI Y336-U02
Android Version : 4.4.2
Platform : sc8830
Release Tags : ota-rel-keys,release-keys
Network Type : Unknown
Ril-Imp : android reference-ril 1.0
Baseband : TM_BASE_MP_II_HUAWEI_W15.34|sc7731g_CP0_modem|08-31-2015 18:06:33
Root Status : Rooted (SuperSU – kingo14)
Reading Backup (TAR)…
Backup(.Tar) Saved in : Backup\NVRAM_HUAWEI_Y336-U02_073148138_140316_Backup.Tar
Unlocking Device…
Direct Unlock ok..
All Done

Edited ! 2-August-2017

Today again i  unlocked one more Huawei y336-u02 by using same method , all though while processing it stuck but stick with this method , and in 2nd attempt phone unlocked done and this is working properly.  i updated this post just to make guys confirm that said method is proper and working .

other boxes connect with this phone but don’t give unlocking results but falcon  box works and its gave this above log and unlocked done easily.