Boost Mobile Offers Miami Customers Lower Cost Calls to Cuba

It looks like the recent normalization of relations between the US and Cuba might make calling Cuba more affordable.  Cuba has always been one of the more expensive countries to call. Most operators charge a dollar per minute or more. Even on carriers noted for low international rates, calls to Cuba are expensive. Ultra Mobile seems to be the cheapest at 49¢/minute. Prices from other low cost international stalwarts are higher: Lycamobile 68¢, PTel 88¢ and Google Voice 98¢.

Sprint’s Boost Mobile announced a lower cost alternative today. Called Cuba Monthly Connect, it includes unlimited domestic calls, unlimited global texting, 5 GB of high speed data and 15 minutes per month of calling to Cuba for $50/month. A $60 version of the plan increases the included high speed data to 10 GB with the same unlimited talk and text and 15 minutes of calls to Cuba. After 15 minutes calls to Cuba are charged at Boost’s regular 99¢/minute rate

Those 15 minutes of Cuban calling aren’t exactly free however. Cuba Monthly Connect Plans are $5 per month more expensive than Boost’s comparable Data Boost plans. That means that if you make exactly 15 minutes per month of calls to Cuba, you are paying 33¢/minute which is less than anyone else charges for Cuban calling.

There is another catch, Cuba Monthly Connect plans are a limited time promotion that’s only available at authorized Boost Mobile wireless dealers in the Miami, Florida area.

In addition to the Cuba Monthly Connect plans, until 5/31/15 new Miami area customers can get a free 4G LTE phone plus an additional free 25 minutes of Cuban calling during their first month of service if they port their number to Boost from any non-Sprint based carrier. Also, now through 5/31, current Boost Miami customers can add 50 minutes of Cuban calling and unlimited international texts for $15/month or 30 cents/minute they use all 50 minutes.

As part of the Cuba Monthly Connect promotion, Boost Mobile is also donating $10,000 to Roots of Hope, a nonprofit organization that provides technology training, cell phones and tablets to the youth of Cuba to help them build a better future for themselves.

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