Bug of note 3 : Index Service has stopped

A number of people have encountered this problem. The message “Index Service has stopped” pops up frequently on the screen. Some users report they can click it away and continue using the Note 3, while others are suffering freezes and having to reboot the phone. It is related to files that the phone is attempting to index and generally happens when you insert a big MicroSD card with lots of photos or PDFs files on it. It could be a single corrupt file that’s causing the issue. If you can find the individual file responsible then it’s just a case of removing it and you won’t get the message again, but that can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Potential solution:

  1. Turn the phone off and remove your MicroSD card.
  2. Back up all files onto your computer.
  3. Put the MicroSD card back into the phone and turn it on.
  4. Go to Settings > Storage > Format SD card (you may have to do this twice).
  5. Now you should be able to copy the files back from the computer by plugging in the phone via USB. Make sure the MicroSD card is empty and then begin transferring the files back onto it. Just watch out for warnings about incompatible files and do it in small groups, so you can identify the culprit if the problem reoccurs.

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