Lyf LS 4505ips frp removed successfully

LS 4505ips frp removed successfully with the help of umt box

Log info is here:

Operation : Boot Turn Off phone, hold Vol UP + Vol DOWN and insert USB cable. Found Port : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM74) Driver Info : HS Corporation, ghsser.sys, 10.2104.1.2 Connecting to phone... OK Waiting for response... OK Init Handshake Sequence... OK Hardware ID : E1009600 [8909] [00000000] Initializing Protocol... OK Preparing Firehose Loader... Done Sending Firehose Loader... Done Executing Loader... OK Hardware : 8909, eMMC, 8 GB Payload Info : In: 262144 [4096], Out: 1048576, Sector Size: 512 Reading Partition Table... OK Reading Device Information... OK Device : LYF LS-4505 [msm8909] Software : LS-4505-S22A_LYF_L12EN_202_160930, 24decd3 [Fri Sep 30 11:19:34 CST 2016] Android Ver. : 6.0.1 Resetting FRP Lock..., Done Hint: Use edl mode for this method, you can use edl mode cable also. 

Google pixel 7.1.1 frp remove done

Google pixel 7.1.1 frp removed successfully done with the help of umt box.

Log info:

Port : ADB Interface
Baud Rate : Not Applicable
Device : Generic
Operation : Motorola FRP Reset
Searching for Device… Found
Model : Pixel
Version : 7.1.1
Hardware : sailfish
Baseband : 8996-012511-1611190200
CPU : arm64-v8a
Type : Unknown
MEID(1) : Null/Empty
Root : Not Rooted
Resetting FRP Lock… Done
Operation Finished.

Lyf ls4505 Frp remove done

Lyf ls4505 Frp remove problem solved

Method: Use EDL mode in falcon box and select other Qualcomm platform,
Then hit FRP Account Lock button, as shown in the upper picture.