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HTC Android based phones m hardware and software !

  • Htc 516 H Dead recovered

    Htc 516 H Dead Mode recovered with the help of falcon box. Just flash with adb flashing with falcon box…. you can see in the upper picture for more settings.

  • HTC One M7 Sprint Unlock done

    HTC One M7 Sprint Unlock done with the help of falcon box. Method: Use htc tool in the falcon box, and hit the option (Direct Unlock) .

  • How to Change HTC Desire 310 CID , Htc mobile problem ?

    I have flashed HTC Desire 310 Along with SP Flash tool now it give a warning that CID is incorrect when want to select another CID by dialing #243# the CID which is shown in error that must be select doesnt exist in list .So how to fix this problem .

  • HTC PJ03100 Restart On Logo Customer ID Incorrect Plz Help Me – Newest Htc

    HTC PJ03100 Restart On Logo… [IMG][/IMG] When I Udate it Along with RUU Firmware Show This Erro…. I Have Tried These RUU Firmware Still Same Prob Please Help Me Which is Correct Firmware Please Guide Me… RUU_Pico_HTC_Balkan_1.17.1131.2_Radio_10.30.80.09H _1.10.80.13M2_release_221196_signed.exe RUU_Pico_HTC_Europe_1.17.401.2_Radio_10.30.80.09H_ RUU_Pico_HTC_WWE_EastEurope_1.17.479.2_R_Radio_10. 30.80.09H_1.10.80.13M2_R_release_225270_signed.exe RUU_Pico_HTC_Nordic_1.17.402.2_Radio_10.30.80.09H_……. [IMG][/IMG]