iOS 8.3 Jailbreak step by step guide

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak step by step guide here:

Step 1 – Please confirm that your device software version is iOS 8.3. This guides and online tools have specially developed for iOS 8.3 jailbreak. You can check your iOS software version from this path

Tap the settings icon, then go to the general and and about, Then check the iOS version,
it should be the iOS 8.3

Step 2 – Then open the Safari browser on your iOS device

You must use the safari browser for this process,
You cannot use the Google chrome or any other browser to
do the semi JB

Step 3 – Then search this webpage using Google,
You can search this page using following terms or type the
following web address on your address bar of the Safari browser

“Jailbreak iOS 8.3”

“iOS 8.3 jailbreak”

“Jailbreak 8.3”

Then scroll down to find the link of this webpage.

Tap the “Jailbreak iOS 8.3 – Pangu8” link here:

Step 4 – Go to this page and tap the “start Jailbreak” button. Then it takes some time to complete the process. Don’t close the Safari browser or don’t open any other app among this process

Step 5 – After the JB process it must take you to your settings to install the SemiJB application.
Otherwise please redo the process again.

Step 6 – After the installation of SemiJB app you can install the default Semi JB app manager and web based Cydia application just one click.

iPhone 5s mic not working during calls & home button – it does not seem working due to strange problem with iphone


Im having a problem Along with my iPhone, it was water damage and Im successful in getting it to be working so far except that the Touch ID works but the home button is not when pressed. Ive tried the home button and its working on another iPhone similar in color and from same network.

The other issue is that the mic is not working for calls or voice memos. When I video or use speaker during calls the mic works. Anybody can to be helped Along with this kindly? All to be helped is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

iPhone 5 Battery Drain Problem, U2 IC Problem ! strange problem with iphone

Hello Guys, I bought iPhone 5 few days back and I observed very less battery time roughly around 8 hours on standby.

I restored it using iTunes as a new phone the battery time ramained the same 8 to 9 hours Along without use even Along without wifi and SIM.

Thought it would be a battery problem then I replaced it Along with another one, the problem remains the same 8-9 hours battery stand by time.

In short, tried all software solution and changing the battery problem, is it related to U2 IC? My phone charging is working fine just the battery time problem.

The phone died once it was drained out then had to take the battery out charge it manually then worked.

>>> ipad air – no touch response <<< iphone stuck with problems – experts what you say

ipad air – no touch response.

new to me problem. im not a novice, but am a perpetual student.
hoping somebody has run into this before.
any suggestions would be welcomed.

customer brings me an ipad air Along with a gently broken digitizer.
also having trouble Along with his touch responding.
my initial solution was a screen replacement.
i felt that maybe he had damaged the digitizer traces along the edge to cause the problem and a replacement would fix the ipad.

only that didnt fix the problem.
after replacement, still no touch response at all.
LCD is fine. no damage.
motherboard looks fine. no damage.
frame not bent.
like i mentioned, not a scary break.

removed my replacement digitizer (copper) and attached a fresh one – this time Along without a home button connected – still no response. none. anywhere on the glass. kept everything lifted, so there isnt anything touching.

any ideas? to be helpedful suggestions?

wait your reply.
thank you.