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  • iphone6s plus mic problem

    Ive iphone 6s plus, facing a strange problem, the call goes well for a few seconds and suddenly my voice is not audible on the other end. This problem doesnt occur while using earphones. Already changed charging flex, didnt resolved the issue. Any solution? thank you,

  • iphone 6 only display light

    i have a iphone6.its working fine.display light is coming but no display ghrapic.only blue display show.touch is working fine.anyone have solution for this problem

  • extreme sluggishness after screen replacement on iphone 7 plus

    Replaced the screen on this phone and afterwards the home button doesnt work (though touch id does), and the phone is weirdly sluggish. Swiping up from the bottom to open mission control takes around 10 seconds before it appears. Hitting the power button to lock also takes 10 seconds before it actually locks. Apps sometimes work fine but every minute… Continue reading "extreme sluggishness after screen replacement on iphone 7 plus"

  • iphone SE weird issue

    Hi this iphone sometimes reboots and stuck at logo Along with some glitches and dots on screen and sometimes it turn off what is the problem?

  • iphone 5 lcd problem

    iphone5 Along with lines on display. is it dissplay or hardware problem. touch also not working

  • No light no display no sound

    hi all I open my iphone 6s for changing volume flex and when i assembly the phone I have no light no display no sound I verified all and i found this: kindly to be helped thx

  • activation error

    activation error shows after change NAND in iphone 6 plus ,any solution

  • iPhone 6 – front cam, sensor, speaker not working

    Ok got a water damaged iPhone 6 here, finally got it to boot up but now it doesnt have front cam, ambient sensor or ear speaker. Any one got an idea why all of it doesnt work? Voltages seem ok I think obviously tried different pieces.