Sony Xperia sola MT27i – unable to flash on stock firmware – what you say about sony ericsson mobile simple method for this


Im searching solutions for my Sony Xperia Sola (MT27i).

Problem: all application get crashed or stopped (gmail, youtube, viber, etc.).

I able to flashed my phone 2-3 times before (stock firmware ICS ).
Already used PC Companion and latest version of Sony Mobile Flasher version but no luck.

its stopped at this portion of flashing.

19/051/2015 20:51:42 – INFO – Preparing files for flashing
19/051/2015 20:51:42 – INFO – kindly connect your device into flashmode.
19/052/2015 20:52:23 – INFO – Opening device for R/W

FYI: tried different laptop and USB Cable but same result.

kindly to be helped….title=frowntitle=frown

TY in Advance.

Hard resetAll Sony & Ericsson Andorid phonefor Google lock-User lock-delete data – how solve this situation someone quick plz


[Hard reset]

All Sony & Ericsson Andorid phone

(for Google lock – User lock – delete data)

I see this posts every day in Forum and i think about a thorough post for
Hard reset Sony & Ericsson Andorid phone !!!!

When you use hard reset :
  1. Your is hang or delete data
  2. Forgotten password
  3. Google lock

And …

Attention :

After hard reset you lose lose everything on phone


How to Hard reset :

1.When you see ((mobile show google lock)) Or ((pattern)) Or … click on emergency call


2.Type this code : *#*#7378423#*#*


3.After type you see
*service info
*service setting
*service texts
*customization setting

/ customization setting


5.Select reset customization


6.In the last Click on Reset Customization and reboot


After reboot hard reset is complete !!!!!


I test this way on :

St15 – St18 – Sk17 – Lt15 – Lt18 – Mt25 – St17 – St21 – St25 – lt26 – Mt11 – St26 – And …….


If this way not work :

If this way not work on your phone you shoud flash it .(flash Along with setool Or Flashtool Or Update service Or EMMA Or …)



…::: DAVID KHEIRY :::…

Utility Sony ericsson Bootloader Unlocker can someone help sony Ericsson firmware/Os or problem in hardware

Sony Ericsson Bootloader Unlocker

Another Free Small Utility
Test and post Result


Before you Proceed

Power on Phone and dial *#*#7378423#*#*
A menu will Appear
Go to Service info -> Configuration -> Rooting Status. Look at Bootloader unlocked status
if it says No than you cant unlock bootloader
Otherwise, you can unlock your bootloader

How it Works

First of all
If you dont have bootloader unlock code go to Sonys web and get
After Getting unlock code Put your phone in fastboot mode and conect usb cable
and Enter unlock code in box & click unlock it will search the conencted device
and automatically unlocks the bootloader title=wink


TOOL Updatechecker Xperia Devices – Sony Ericsson mobile with issue experience

[TOOL] Updatechecker Xperia Devices

:: Screenshot ::


Enjoy and give your feedback.


:: Supported devices ::

  • C1505 (Xperia E)
  • C1904 (Xperia M)
  • C1905 (Xperia M)
  • C2104 (Xperia L)
  • C2105 (Xperia L)
  • C5302 (Xperia SP)
  • C5303 (Xperia SP)
  • C5306 (Xperia SP)
  • C5502 (Xperia ZR)
  • C5503 (Xperia ZR)
  • C6502 (Xperia ZL)
  • C6503 (Xperia ZL)
  • C6506 (Xperia ZL)
  • C6602 (Xperia Z)
  • C6603 (Xperia Z)
  • C6802 (Xperia Z Ultra)
  • C6806 (Xperia Z Ultra)
  • C6833 (Xperia Z Ultra)
  • C6843 (Xperia Z Ultra)
  • C6902 (Xperia Z1)
  • C6903 (Xperia Z1)
  • C6906 (Xperia Z1)
  • LT25i (Xperia V)
  • LT26 (Xperia S)
  • LT29i (Xperia TX)
  • LT30p (Xperia T)
  • SGPxxx (Xperia Tablet Z)
  • and more…