Considering jumping from AT&T to T-Mo in SoCal questions – what are ways to do T mobile service provider

Im considering jumping from AT&T to T-Mobile for a few reasons, but I do have a couple of questions (for SoCal users in general):

1. On the family plans Along with 2 lines – how much are the typical monthly fees/taxes? $80 – $100 plan for 2 line range
Im currently at $116 for 2 lines on AT&T, which is ok considering I have a corp discount to get me to that low (25%) title=Stick.

2. I know that T-Mo uses the old Pacbell sites (which were very good), and Rootmetrics shows it as well… but how good in general is coverage/capacity in San Fernando/Santa Clarita valley areas

3. Roaming – I hope not to have this too often, but in a few places, I know this will hit true – Northern MI, Bozeman Montana, etc. Is it restricted to 2G, or just 2G speed ?

4. Do I want new(er) gear ? Samsung SGIII has only band 4 and 17. iPhone 5c has a bunch, as does iPhone 6. Sounds of Band 12 have me concerned.

Since AT&T has killed the subsidies, T-Mobile in some ways is actually cheaper/better for me… especially when I go to or call Canada (free data roaming / sms – even if its slow is priceless, also, $0.20 for calls vs. $1.00 + $30 on AT&T – this alone could save me a lot this summer).

Network Congestion – No Data at LAX T mobile phone , solutions

We tried using our T-Mobile handsets at LAX the other day and all of the users that were located towards check-in areas were not able to access data. I ran a speed test and this is what I saw. Looks like its time for the network to walk the talk. Our AT&T and Verizon services worked fine in these same areas.


New employer, T-Mobile wants me to renew the Advantage Program Discount Options – T mobile company

Got a postcard from them saying I want to renew my corporate discount. Im confused because the last time I spoke to a CSR a few weeks ago they told me I would never have to do it again since I had already re-verified it awhile back. New employer does not offer the discount. This discount is the only thing keeping me Along with them, if not for it I would just join my familys Verizon plan.

Is there any way around this? If I threaten to switch to Verizon (which I will do) will they let me keep the discount? Alternatively, I graduated from a university that has the same discount – would that work or do they verify that youre still an active student?

Cellmapper now has filter to show only T-Mobiles Band 12 Towers on US Map ! T mobile phone

Ivan Zupan that owns the Cellmapper App and hangs out of HoFos Canadian networks boards updated his App by adding a Filter called Band in the lower left of the board in options [PC only at this time]. Now just put in USA [Country code 310], T-Mobile [Provider code 260] and slide down to the select Bands section then only check Band 12. Then it shows only the Towers that Cellmapper has acquired data Along with at least one Band 12 cell sector unit. It does show all the other sector bands [i.e. Band 2 & 4] in that tower if you click on that one tower on the map. Thank you Ivan Zupan since this saves me a ton of time looking for 700Mhz Band 12 towers in the USA. Also, it now justifies me purchaseing a new phone since I have a few Band 12 service in my area. This also privides the option to filter to just Band 2 or 4 in addition to band 12.

Note, this Band Filter can only be viewed on the PC at this time since Ivan told me on his Google+ page that the [Phone] app, it will require a bit of work.

Thank again Ivan for all the work. Glad I found you Cellmapper community page on Google+.

If you are on a PC then all you want to do is go the Band section in the lower left side of the page and unclick all but Band 12.…8215691&zoom=5