need help with root for zte z768g – how to over come this problem flash file or other issue

***I used kingoroot an rootchecker says its rooted but none of the abilities of root work i have superuser installed n busy box says its installed but still only thing that works us roircheckerdying in rooted kindly to be helped .

Updated  to z768g root procedure,

found its solution as follows .

Rooting this phone is very simple I will put a tutorial on how you can root your phone. Before we start I want you to remember that rooting will tamper the warranty on your phone. Rooting might brick the device permanently making it unusable so do this on your own risk. Things you need to download. •Kingoapp To root your device. 1. Go to the link above. 2. Click “download from FTP. 3. Install it. 4. Open it. 5. Open your phone go to Settings. 6. Open Applications. 7. Select Development Option. 8. Put a Check on “USB Debugging Mode”. 9. Now connect your phone to your computer using USB cable. 10. Wait for the drivers to be installed. 11. Follow the instructions on Kingoapp. 12. Click Root. I took a screen when I did that process, view it to help you further.







Open the links in that order to view the step by step tutorial.

>>>How To Make China Phone Flash Cable See here<<< – ZTE mobile phone

Many of new member face the problem, how they make a usb to com cable for flash his china phone. Along with this usb to com cable any one can use free soft for do software operation on his phone.

Along with a usb to com cable (as like ringtone cable) you can make your own cable for flashing, format, ect for china phone.

i explain here Along with a Motorola c261 usb ringtone cable, its always do better work for me.

first collect a cable of Motorola c261 usb ringtone cable (available in market) like this-


in cable middle have intact a box by plastic. in it have a mini pcb. want to open this
mini box for see and work on it. see picture-



after open it, now we see a mini pcb, its one side have 5 cable, which is connect to pc usb, no want to touch it. its ok.

we work on pcb opposite cable connection, here have 3 cable. 1 tx, 1rx, 1gnd. see pic-



here have 3 cable, now make a connection for V+ or B+. when we flashing our phone we want power supply for flash phone. so connect a cable Along with clip in this point, just use a diod from pc usb V+, see picture-


for cable driver, use it motorola usb to com cable drive or you can use PL2303 USB driver.

connect cable tx rx gnd B+ to phone tx rx gnd B+ and work your phone. now we found our won cable for flashing china phone.

for expert user : now you can collect a RJ45 connector. than join tx rx gnd in in RJ45 Socket. now you use any rj45 cable Along with it. and place it on any box, as like in any reject device, open box and leave it old pcb than place this pcb in it. and V+/B+ cable and clip stay in out or side for give power supply to phone. now you found a complete china box/device and use it.



Guide All Zte Mobile phones Hard Reset Procedures – ZTE issue issues , looking help

Zte Skate Hard Reset


power off the phone
press and keep pressed Up And Home and press power for about 2-3 seconds,keep pressing when you see green droid
use volume key to move to Wipe Data/Factory Reset
confirm option Along with back button
scroll down to Yes delleta all data and confirm using back button
after operation press back button once again to restart phone

How-to Flash a Custom ROM to ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini video – how to over come this problem strange

Nubia Z7 Mini How-to return to official firmware and recovery – how to over come this problem bundle of problems

If you have received your phone Along with root access and other languages apart from English and Chinese, you have a custom ROM and not the official firmware. This also means you have almost certainly a modified recovery installed. The only supported custom recoveries are CWM and TWRP. If you have a custom ROM installed you also cannot install OTA updates (even if you receive the update notification). You may have noticed that the steps are the same as on the Z7 Max, but they apply to the Z7 mini as well.

Return to official firmware and recovery:
1. To access the recovery and see what version is installed, turn of your phone and press the volume-up and power button simultaneously.
2. If you want to return to the official firmware, downloaded the latest firmware from our forum.
3. Copy the firmware to your external microSD card.
4. Boot into recovery by turning of your phone and pressing the volume-up and power button simultaneously.
5. Perform the 3 wipes: Data factory reset, Cache and Dalvik.
6. Choose Install ZIP from SD card and select the firmware youve downloaded.
7. At the end of the installation process you will be asked whether to keep the flash recovery (CWM). If you select Yes, you will keep the custom recovery. If you select No, the official recovery will be flashed.

Alternative method for TWRP Recovery:
If you wish to flash the stock recovery to replace your TWRP recovery, you can download the Flashify App from playstore and flash the .img file of the stock recovery (found below).


Stock Recovery

Here Is No Box Section – ZTE issue simple method for this

Dear Users,

Here Is Zte General Section,Posts About Problems Along with Box Will Be Deleted Immediately

Example: My Zte Is Dead After Unlock Via Superbox

Ask In The Correct Section


ZTE V875 telenor hand on android logo – ZTE mobile phone flash file or other issue

kindly to be helped how to solve this problem

Info is here:-

Receiving phone info
Getting phone info
Model: V875
Platform: ZTE Qualcomm
Software Platform: Android
CPU: Qualcomm
Firmware Released: Mar 1 2012 09:30:22
Firmware Compiled: Oct 26 2010 14:00:00
Firmware Version: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-6050/TSNCJOLY
IMEI: 861071-xx-xxxxxx-x
Connect mode: Normal
Info received

AC3635 firmware needed – ZTE mobile phone stuck in lot of issues

Hai all I have zte ac3635 data card Along with PTCL connection it has som problems in WiFi and seourity mod WPA wpa2 only and disconnects again and again can any one give me its latest firmware link
Thanks to adwance

zte sfr startext need android driver can someone help ZTE firmware/Os or problem in some hardware

I want to reset gmail on ZTE SFR STARTEXT (noir) .when i connect phone to pc, it ask m androidphone driver. i try to seek it but nothing.
kindly anyone can give me androidphone driver for ZTE SFR STARTEXT?


Zte relince v9c wifi problum after flash – ZTE firmware/Os or problem in some hardware bundle of problems

Zte relince v9c wifi problum after flash

any have modified flash rom Please share