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  1. czar Daniel baniqued

    OK thanks a lot. I can’t use it because EU version is a single sim while the AP version is a dual sim. Don’t you have an AP version?

    Thanks. Really a great help if you have but thanks for quick response and assistance. 🙂

  2. czar Daniel baniqued

    Oh, it’s ok. Really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot. Such a great service you have. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Prabath

    My GoodOne F7 Android 4.2 mobile phone has got locked due to wrong use of draw the pattern more than 5 times. now it requires google account and password to unlock the phone. But i couldn’t log in to that. Please tell me how to unlock the phone?

    • AdminZ

      you will have to do it hard reset , its not much complicated , simply follow these steps ..

      1. press button of vol up + power
      2. press vol up button or vol down button , just to take search and select search by pressing power button.
      3. Now select recovery by pressing down the power button.
      4. now cell will be rebooted and simply select wipe data .
      that’s all , hopefully will solve your problem .

  4. odane

    i have samsung galaxy SM-J100MU i have z3xbox but am unable to unlock this phone cause my rooting software have failed i tried’; srs root , kingo root, iroot , super one click root and there dont work, can you help me please

    • AdminZ

      Error 9 in iphone indicates the problem in memory , or may be corrupted memory in in terms of its algorithm or hardware …. i dont think so that your operating system can recover this issue , i hope your iPhone 6 will be in warranty , simply take this back to APPLE .

  5. MostHated

    Hello, I am new to this type of repair to phones, but was wondering what would be a good place to start? I have been thinking about z3x or Octoplus box. What made me want to get in to it was I have been rooting and modifying my phones since the original Google G1, but recently got a Note 4 with a bad imei off craigslist, someone repaired it for me in 10 minutes, and I tried for 3 days, but could not do it. I then learned you need certificates and such to do it. Where can I find these, learn more about them, and what needs to be done, and what hardware I would need to do these repairs?


  6. vinoth

    i download all flash tool file and firmware also…but i cannot get a code..long time taking for run..
    please tell me privacy production password for micromax a106..

  7. primetech

    pls help me.i mistakenly flash tecno t420 cpu mtk6261 with format fat instead of reset to factory default on flashtool.the phone is dead now.pls help.thanks

  8. adonees

    Hello I got T999 with wifi problem not turning on ! I tried to reball the wifi chip but when I solder it the phone won’t turn on !!! and no current it hangs on 0.14 current if I remove it phone works fine without wifi !!!! and i want to your email address please thanks

  9. babi kallingal

    my tab is software problem you help me

    i need firmware

    micridigit classic series c2071

    please help sir firmware download link please send

    i will Waite for you

  10. Tiku

    I need your help please help me?
    i am use Huawei G730-T00 V100R001CHNC01B132 but now i can not use this mobile because of virus attacks it.I make harde reset but the viruses are still come.When i what to filash it i can not got approprate or update firmware and custom would you please help me by updating this mobile?if it is possible inform or send to me a link that can i got download firmware and custom ROM.
    Thanks So much For Your Supporting

  11. Mahmoud Yasser

    need galaxy grand 2 g7102 MTK6582 firmware file i tried a lot of files from internet and it’s not working oly one make the phone boot up but without wifi, bluetooth, camera nor gps
    flash info:
    Connected to Phone.
    CPU: MT6582 SW:0001 Ver: CA01
    Downloading Boot8 …
    EMMC Size: 0x00E7000000
    Flash Type: EMMC
    INT/EXT RAM Size: 0x0+0x0
    Reading infr(EMMC)…
    PRELOADER BaseAddr:0x0 Size:0x880000
    MBR BaseAddr:0x880000 Size:0x80000
    EBR1 BaseAddr:0x900000 Size:0x80000
    PRO_INFO BaseAddr:0x980000 Size:0x300000
    NVRAM BaseAddr:0xC80000 Size:0x500000
    PROTECT_F BaseAddr:0x1180000 Size:0xA00000
    PROTECT_S BaseAddr:0x1B80000 Size:0xA00000
    SECCFG BaseAddr:0x2580000 Size:0x20000
    UBOOT BaseAddr:0x25A0000 Size:0x60000
    BOOTIMG BaseAddr:0x2600000 Size:0x600000
    RECOVERY BaseAddr:0x2C00000 Size:0x600000
    SEC_RO BaseAddr:0x3200000 Size:0x600000
    MISC BaseAddr:0x3800000 Size:0x80000
    LOGO BaseAddr:0x3880000 Size:0x300000
    EXPDB BaseAddr:0x3B80000 Size:0xA00000
    ANDROID BaseAddr:0x4580000 Size:0x3D400000
    CACHE BaseAddr:0x41980000 Size:0x7E00000
    USRDATA BaseAddr:0x49780000 Size:0x9C980000
    BMTPOOL BaseAddr:0xFFFF0000 Size:0x0

  12. oscar

    hello can you please help me . i need a stockrom for my tablet yezz epic t7fd with cpu wm8880
    on board say……. Q 606 mb v1.3..

    is there any rom compatible..

  13. Matshidiso

    My phone has been working perfectly until recently when it says Sim Card not detected. I did security wipe on the phone hoping it will assist but it didn’t. Please advise on what I should do.

  14. Matshidiso

    My phone (BB Z3) has been working perfectly until recently when it says Sim Card not detected. I did security wipe on the phone hoping it will assist but it didn’t. Please advise on what I should do.

  15. Darren


    Can any one help me with this firmware and the associated DLL files for either flashing with LG Flash Tool or GSMMulti v3 to try the following.

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the firmware on an LG 500GB Tracfone to another models firmware such as the LG 500g generic firmware if there is such a thing or LG 530g however I think this is still a Tracfone so think LG C100 is the best way to go. The hardware of the LG C100 looks identical externally so was thinking to try LGC100AT-00-V10a-WEY-XXX-DEC-31-2010-0 on it. So it some one could help me with this firmware and the associated DLLs would be greatly appreciated. If you have DLLs for both flash tools would be great.

    The LG 500GB Tracfone and currently has firmware LG500GHL-16-V10h-310-XXX-TRF-FEB-20-2011.

    If possible would appreciate copy of firmware and instructions on how to do it if it is anything out of the normal.

  16. kasturi

    i have an infocus m350 phone. and i inserted an simcard in the 2nd slot & my phone got locked and is now asking for a privacy protection password . what should i do ?

  17. faudel

    Please I need help
    Samsung Galaxy grand prime SM-S920L,
    INVALID SIM CARD problem
    IMEI start with 99000
    Could you please answer me.

  18. periyar selvan

    hi hope well i am using micromax a106 unite 2. i forgot the privacy protection password, i need help
    my mob no 9787936797

  19. Oscar

    Urgent I need a tablet STOCK ROM Prontotec 7 “touch GSL1680 ATM7021A processor Mainboard: I tw_j0711s_v63_20140827 I thank good news

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