Cricket Adds Unlimited Canadian Calling to $50 and $60 Plans

AT&T’s Cricket Wireless has added unlimited calls and MMS to Canada to its $50 Smart and $60 Pro plans. All Canadian numbers are included with the exception of calls to the Canadian Northwest Territories. The same plans have included unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones in Mexico since February. 

Update 4/21/15: Users on the grandfathered 20 GB Advanced plan have discovered that it also includes unlimited Canadian calling and MMS.

The Smart and Pro plans also include unlimited domestic calls, texts and MMS as well as unlimited international texting to more than 35 countries. The only difference between the two plans is that the $50 plan comes with 5 GB of high speed data per month while the $60 plan includes 10 GB. High speed data on Cricket is throttled to 8 Mbps for LTE and 4 Mbps for HSPA+. After the high speed data is used up unlimited data throttled to 128 Kbps is available for the rest of the plan month. 

In other Cricket news, the Cricket website was revamped over the week end. The update is apparently not complete yet. When current users attempt to upgrade to a new phone they are getting a message that upgrades are temporarily unavailable online and that they should go to a Cricket store to upgrade. The good news is that, according to a Howard Forums member who claims to be a Cricket dealer, upgrading customers can now purchase phones at the same discounted “with Activation” prices as new customers. However, upgrading customers are not eligible for mail in rebates and until upgrades are available online they will have to pay the $25 upgrade fee that most Cricket dealers charge.

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