Downgrade iOS 10.3 To iOS 10.2.1 Method

Tool: 3utools


Step1: Download and install the latest 3uTools on PC. Launch 3uTools and connect your iPhone to it. Click Toolbox ->Backup/Restore -> Backup iDevice.

Step2: After iDevice is backup successfully, you need to flash your iDevice using 3uTools. Click Flash & JB -> select the firmware 10.2.1-> click Flash, and then just wait until this process is completed. Remember to activate your iDevice after flashing.

Step3: When iDevice is activated, please back to Toolbox, click Backup/Restore -> Backups Management -> Open location.


Step4: Find Info.plist file, and open it using notepad.

Step5: Find 14E5260b,and then replace it with 14C92.



Step6: Find 10.3, and then replace it with 10.2.


Step7: After modification, please back to Toolbox -> click Restore Data. Select the backups you just modified and restore it.


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