DOWNLOAD NOKIA Firmwares (BB5 or DCT-4)



Nokia BB5 Firmware
Nokia 2700c Firmware v7.80
Nokia 2730c Firmware v7.70
Nokia 3109c Firmware v7.21
Nokia 3110c Firmware v7.21
Nokia 3120c Firmware v10.0
Nokia 3250 Firmware v4.60
Nokia 3500c Firmware v7.21
Nokia 3600s Firmware v7.23
Nokia 3610f Firmware v3.56
Nokia 3710f Firmware v3.80
Nokia 3720c Firmware v9.10
Nokia 5130 Firmware v7.91
Nokia 5200 Firmware v7.20
Nokia 5220 Firmware v7.23
Nokia 5230 Firmware v10.0
Nokia 5300 Firmware v7.20
Nokia 5310 Firmware v10.1
Nokia 5320 Firmware v5.16
Nokia 5500 Firmware v4.60
Nokia 5530 Firmware v11.0
Nokia 5610 Firmware v10.0
Nokia 5630 Firmware v13.0
Nokia 5700 Firmware v5.11
Nokia 5730 Firmware v101
Nokia 5800 Firmware v31.0
Nokia 5800n Firmware v31.0
Nokia 6085 Firmware v6.00
Nokia 6086 Firmware v6.00
Nokia 6110n Firmware v6.01
Nokia 6120c Firmware v7.10
Nokia 6121c Firmware v5.11
Nokia 6124c Firmware v5.22
Nokia 6125 Firmware v5.43
Nokia 6126 Firmware v5.61
Nokia 6131 Firmware v6.60
Nokia 6136 Firmware v5.21
Nokia 6151 Firmware v4.10
Nokia 6210n Firmware v5.16
Nokia 6212c Firmware v6.20
Nokia 6220c Firmware v5.15
Nokia 6233 Firmware v5.60
Nokia 6234 Firmware v5.60
Nokia 6260s Firmware v7.20
Nokia 6263 Firmware v5.20
Nokia 6267 Firmware v5.20
Nokia 6270 Firmware v3.90
Nokia 6280 Firmware v6.43
Nokia 6288 Firmware v6.43
Nokia 6290 Firmware v4.21
Nokia 6300 Firmware v7.30
Nokia 6300i Firmware v5.60
Nokia 6301 Firmware v9.40
Nokia 6303c Firmware v9.10
Nokia 6500c Firmware v10.5
Nokia 6500s Firmware v10.0
Nokia 6555 Firmware v3.46
Nokia 6600f Firmware v6.20
Nokia 6600s Firmware v6.55
Nokia 6600i Firmware v36.1
Nokia 6630 Firmware v6.03
Nokia 6650f Firmware v3.31
Nokia 6680 Firmware v5.04
Nokia 6681 Firmware v7.11
Nokia 6700c Firmware v7.90
Nokia 6710n Firmware v21.0
Nokia 6720c Firmware v13.0
Nokia 6730c Firmware v23.0
Nokia 6760s Firmware v3.38
Nokia 7210s Firmware v7.23
Nokia 7310s Firmware v9.40
Nokia 7370 Firmware v4.13
Nokia 7373 Firmware v5.50
Nokia 7390 Firmware v5.04
Nokia 7500 Firmware v5.20
Nokia 7510s Firmware v6.65
Nokia 7610s Firmware v7.23
Nokia 7900 Firmware v6.61
Nokia 8600 Firmware v4.04
Nokia 8800a Firmware v10.0
Nokia 8800a Firmware v10.0
Nokia 8800ca Firmware v10.0

Nokia E50 Firmware v07.36.0.0 v6
Nokia E51 Firmware v400.34.011 v4
Nokia E52 Firmware v22.009 v2
Nokia E55 Firmware v22.009 v2
Nokia E60 Firmware v3.0633.09.04 v3
Nokia E61 Firmware v3.0633.09.04 v3
Nokia E61i Firmware v3.0633.69.00 v7
Nokia E62 Firmware v3.0633.09.13 v3
Nokia E63 Firmware v400.21.013 v5
Nokia E65 Firmware v4.0633.74.00 v8
Nokia E66 Firmware 400.21.013 v7
Nokia E70 Firmware v3.0633.09.04 v4
Nokia E71 Firmware 400.21.013 v6
Nokia E72 Firmware v21.024 v1
Nokia E75 Firmware v201.12.01 v4
Nokia E90 Firmware v400.34.93 v8

Nokia N70 Firmware v5.0737.3.0.1 v13
Nokia N71 Firmware v4.0642.1.05 v3
Nokia N72 Firmware v5.0819.4.0.1 v7
Nokia N73 Firmware v4.0839.42.0.1 v22
Nokia N73me Firmware v4.0839.42.2.1 v11
Nokia N75 Firmware 20.1.172 v4
Nokia N76 Firmware v31.0.014 v11
Nokia N77 Firmware v3.0838.22.0.1 v8
Nokia N78 Firmware v30.011 v9
Nokia N79 Firmware v31.101 v8
Nokia N80 Firmware v5.0719.0.2 v18
Nokia N81-1 Firmware v21.0.010 v7
Nokia N81-3 Firmware v22.0.002 v7
Nokia N82 Firmware v31.0.016 v5
Nokia N85 Firmware v30.201 v7
Nokia N86 Firmware v20.115 v3
Nokia N90 Firmware v5.0607.7.3 v5
Nokia N91 Firmware v3.10.023 v31
Nokia N92 Firmware v5.0748.2.0.4 v4
Nokia N93 Firmware v20.0.058 v3
Nokia N93i Firmware v30.0.013 v4
Nokia N95-1 Firmware v31.0.017 v7
Nokia N95-2 Firmware v31.0.015 v6
Nokia N96 Firmware v30.033 v7
Nokia N97 Firmware v20.0.019 v4
Nokia N97m Firmware v10.0.020 v1

Nokia X3 Firmware v3.60 v1
Nokia X6 Firmware v11.0 v2

Nokia DCT4 Firmware
Nokia 1100 Firmware v8.11
Nokia 1101 Firmware v5.04
Nokia 1110 Firmware v5.54
Nokia 1110i Firmware v7.02
Nokia 1112 Firmware v7.02
Nokia 1112i Firmware v3.30
Nokia 1200 Firmware v5.91
Nokia 1202 Firmware v4.03
Nokia 1203 Firmware v3.10
Nokia 1208 Firmware v5.91
Nokia 1209 Firmware v5.91
Nokia 1600 Firmware v7.02
Nokia 1650 Firmware v5.91
Nokia 1661 Firmware v4.30
Nokia 1662 Firmware v4.30
Nokia 1680c Firmware v7.60
Nokia 2300 Firmware v8.11
Nokia 2310 Firmware v6.52
Nokia 2320c Firmware v8.20
Nokia 2323c Firmware v8.20
Nokia 2330c Firmware v8.20
Nokia 2600 Firmware v6.42
Nokia 2600c Firmware v7.60
Nokia 2610 Firmware v5.90
Nokia 2626 Firmware v4.61
Nokia 2630 Firmware v7.60
Nokia 2650 Firmware v6.19
Nokia 2651 Firmware v5.23
Nokia 2652 Firmware v6.19
Nokia 2660 Firmware v6.82
Nokia 2680s Firmware v6.17
Nokia 2720f Firmware v8.20
Nokia 2760 Firmware v7.60
Nokia 3100 Firmware v6.31
Nokia 3108 Firmware v5.30
Nokia 3200 Firmware v5.34
Nokia 3220 Firmware v6.22
Nokia 3230 Firmware v5.07
Nokia 3300 Firmware v4.62
Nokia 3510 Firmware v5.02
Nokia 3510i Firmware v5.35
Nokia 3590 Firmware v7.64
Nokia 3595 Firmware v8.62
Nokia 3600 Firmware v2.01
Nokia 3620 Firmware v3.14
Nokia 3650 Firmware v4.17
Nokia 3660 Firmware v5.08
Nokia 5000 Firmware v6.31
Nokia 5030 Firmware v3.75
Nokia 5100 Firmware v5.20
Nokia 5140 Firmware v3.17
Nokia 5140i Firmware v3.91
Nokia 6020 Firmware v5.22
Nokia 6021 Firmware v5.22
Nokia 6030 Firmware v5.40
Nokia 6060 Firmware v5.11
Nokia 6061 Firmware v3.03
Nokia 6070 Firmware v4.23
Nokia 6080 Firmware v4.23
Nokia 6100 Firmware v6.31
Nokia 6101 Firmware v5.22
Nokia 6102 Firmware v5.22
Nokia 6103 Firmware v5.22
Nokia 6108 Firmware v5.30
Nokia 6111 Firmware v3.85
Nokia 6170 Firmware v3.26
Nokia 6200 Firmware v4.22
Nokia 6220 Firmware v6.34
Nokia 6230 Firmware v5.50
Nokia 6230i Firmware v3.89
Nokia 6260 Firmware v5.05
Nokia 6310 Firmware v5.10
Nokia 6310i Firmware v7.00
Nokia 6510 Firmware v4.21
Nokia 6590 Firmware v40.5
Nokia 6600 Firmware v5.53
Nokia 6610 Firmware v5.65
Nokia 6610i Firmware v4.40
Nokia 6620 Firmware v4.22
Nokia 6650 Firmware v5.40
Nokia 6651 Firmware v3.07
Nokia 6670 Firmware v7.06
Nokia 6800 Firmware v5.46
Nokia 6810 Firmware v5.29
Nokia 6820 Firmware v5.30
Nokia 6822 Firmware v5.21
Nokia 7070 Firmware v7.60
Nokia 7100s Firmware v6.31
Nokia 7200 Firmware v4.30
Nokia 7210 Firmware v5.63
Nokia 7250 Firmware v3.62
Nokia 7250i Firmware v5.41
Nokia 7260 Firmware v5.90
Nokia 7270 Firmware v3.25
Nokia 7280 Firmware v3.27
Nokia 7360 Firmware v5.22
Nokia 7380 Firmware v3.80
Nokia 7600 Firmware v4.05
Nokia 7610 Firmware v7.06
Nokia 7650 Firmware v5.06
Nokia 7710 Firmware v4.10
Nokia 8310 Firmware v6.20
Nokia 8390 Firmware v8.00
Nokia 8800 Firmware v4.17
Nokia 8801 Firmware v3.76
Nokia 8800s Firmware v4.20
Nokia 8910 Firmware v4.03
Nokia 8910i Firmware v5.31

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