Galaxy note 3 ! Annoyance: Phantom notification

Some people have been getting phantom notification sounds or vibrations on their Note 3 and when they check to see what it is there’s nothing in the notification shade. There are a lot of possible culprits here so we’ll run through some of the main ones.

Potential solutions:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility and look for Notification reminder. It could be the ghost of a notification past. Turn this off and it should stop.
  • It could be related to NFC. Try going into Settings and turn NFC It may be rightly or wrongly alerting you to a possible NFC device in the vicinity.
  • It could be a Gmail email coming in under another tab like promotions or social, so it doesn’t look as though you have a new email. You can change this in Gmail settings by managing your labels.
  • If that didn’t work then you’re stuck with the prospect of going into the Settings on every app you have installed to try and find something that might be causing it.

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Galaxy note 3 ! Annoyance: Phantom notification

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