[Guide] Samsung Smart Switch for Flashing ,Updating & Manage User Data's

Samsung Smart Switch


* Backup & Restore
* Software updates
* Emergency Recovery for Soft Bricked Devices
* You Can Flash the right product code firmware Using Serial Number

Guide For Soft Bricked Devices

* Run Samsung Smart Switch
* Goto More /Emergency Software Recovery and initialization/Device initialization
* Enter Device model Name Hit Search After get found Write Serial nd hit ok
* When it ask you to connect in recovery mode connect in Download mode.








Direct Download

Samsung Official WEB

14 Replies to “[Guide] Samsung Smart Switch for Flashing ,Updating & Manage User Data’s”

  1. baybee

    it shows not supported to me i m trying to find firmware by SN for G920F

    rnkindly Can anyone to be helped me to find firmware by SN

    rnthis is my phone SN RF8G40N5AGY

  2. Phil

    i think this software not working anymore because i tried alot of phones Along with this i search SN but it shows sometimes its not supported sometimes it shows you entered wrong
    rni use kies3 and also i tried this but not working any other working software kindly?

  3. TechGuru

    This is the best tool for flashing same region firmware in Samsung smart phone Along without any risk.

    nAnd the best thing is that the software download 4part files for all.

    nU can save that files till then the software flashing the device into ur own drive.

    nMany people trying to locate the firmware path but didn’t got but I could and many files save for next flashing because the software security is delete the file when flashing complete.

    nIf u wanna backup the file then install Everything into ur pc and when smart switch file downloading reached 100% then run everything tool and type temp.zip file location will show now copy the files from there to ur own drive before flashing complete cause after flashing complete software delete the file form that folder.

  4. Bo-Rens
    rn Anamul.2014
    Bro How much time does it take to update a phone
    rnMy Internet Speed 1 MBPs

    you mean you get 1 mb pe sec ?

    rnare its shared internet ?

  5. sulmanz
    rn Faheem Anjum
    you mean you get 1 mb pe sec ?

    rnare its shared internet ?

    rnNo bro Download Speed 140 Kbps
    rnI am using 1 Mbps Package

  6. TechGuru
    rn Anamul.2014
    No bro Download Speed 140 Kbps
    nI am using 1 Mbps Package

    this will take too much time depend on phone model..!
    naccording to your speed note2 want 3 hours time

  7. wagny
    rn prasutirur
    it’s not working for me

    What do mean that no luck
    nWhat the problem or error u facing in this tool?

    nSent from my GT-I9300I using Tapatalk

  8. TechGuru

    we have one sm-g920i phone which customer want to update to latest version. so i use smartswitch to update in latest version. but after update Along with smartswotch phone imei number changed and now its not getting network. before phone is working fine and network ok. but now no network and diffrent imei number .



  9. baybee

    Torn off your smart phone and reinsert battery
    rnPrees and hold Volume up + Home and Power Buttons
    rnyou see in mobile screen Samsung logo then release All Buttons
    rnNow You See system recovery mode
    rnNow Select Wipe Data Factory Reset using Volume key
    rnNext Select Yes-Delete All User Data
    rnNow select Reboot system Now

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