Huawei y336

Huawei y336-u02 unlock Done with the help of falcon box
Just use unlock button.
Asking Server for Access..
Checking User Login.. ok
Waiting for Phone…
Phone Found..
Manufacturer : HUAWEI
Model : HUAWEI Y336-U02
Android Version : 4.4.2
Platform : sc8830
Release Tags : ota-rel-keys,release-keys
Network Type : Unknown
Ril-Imp : android reference-ril 1.0
Baseband : TM_BASE_MP_II_HUAWEI_W15.34|sc7731g_CP0_modem|08-31-2015 18:06:33
Root Status : Rooted (SuperSU – kingo14)
Reading Backup (TAR)…
Backup(.Tar) Saved in : Backup\NVRAM_HUAWEI_Y336-U02_073148138_140316_Backup.Tar
Unlocking Device…
Direct Unlock ok..
All Done

Edited ! 2-August-2017

Today again i  unlocked one more Huawei y336-u02 by using same method , all though while processing it stuck but stick with this method , and in 2nd attempt phone unlocked done and this is working properly.  i updated this post just to make guys confirm that said method is proper and working .

other boxes connect with this phone but don’t give unlocking results but falcon  box works and its gave this above log and unlocked done easily.


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