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ipad air – no touch response.

new to me problem. im not a novice, but am a perpetual student.
hoping somebody has run into this before.
any suggestions would be welcomed.

customer brings me an ipad air Along with a gently broken digitizer.
also having trouble Along with his touch responding.
my initial solution was a screen replacement.
i felt that maybe he had damaged the digitizer traces along the edge to cause the problem and a replacement would fix the ipad.

only that didnt fix the problem.
after replacement, still no touch response at all.
LCD is fine. no damage.
motherboard looks fine. no damage.
frame not bent.
like i mentioned, not a scary break.

removed my replacement digitizer (copper) and attached a fresh one – this time Along without a home button connected – still no response. none. anywhere on the glass. kept everything lifted, so there isnt anything touching.

any ideas? to be helpedful suggestions?

wait your reply.
thank you.