iPhone 5s A7 hot and battery drain fast if connect home button


I got this iPhone 5s water damage from customer.

Tested all working except finger print app missing.
phone gets very warm & battery drain fast

Opened up and saw some burn marks on home button flex connectors only.board looks clean.

1. Clean the connectors and board Along with alcohol
2. Resolder home button connectors pins
3. Replaced home button flex from another 5s,still hot and battery drain
4. Board not short while off.connected to power supply +/-,no short at all
5. Remove home button flex and everything ok,no hot and battery doesnt drain fast.Seems in normal working condition

The hot part is A7 processor.
Any solutions?

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  1. Metaton-alfred

    I got exact the same Problem. Hot Home Button an Battery go down fast.
    ndid you loved the Problem Along with replace the U2 Chip?
    nThank You for your to be helped.

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