iPhone 5SE water damaged PP_CPU_1.0V shorted


i Have an iphone 5SE Along with a little water damage, just on the connectors lcd etc, i clean it and made some test,microphone etc, all was ok, i just shut down the phone to change the back camera.
i started the phone Along with the new camera, and the iphone show me logo and shut down etc etc.

i took a new batery, and the problem was the same so i checked the board and discover that the line PP_CPU_1.0V is shorted, so can it be the U2000?
i checked PP_VCC_MAIN and all is ok to C2120,C2121 and C2122 are ok not shorted.

So, someone got an idea? or can to be helped me kindly?
Soory for my bad english….

Just for information, some caps are a little corroded, but not shorted, C4308,C4325 and C4318 (all concerning for Touch function) the rest of the bord is clean, i checked it Along with microscope….


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  1. Bo-Rens

    PP_CPU_1.0V is not shorted its below 50 ohm so you will have sound when you are searching for short. Check exactly how much ohm there is.

  2. julianz

    Its really weird for pp_cpu lane to short but it looks like its shorted
    nyou cant really do anything because most probably processor is shorting, but you could check all caps on that lane to be sure

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