Samsung G531F No power problem solution (not switch on)

Due to many requests of my customers, finally i got a solution of dead set of Samsung g531f.

Problem: Its not on or dead or not show voltage in the power supply.

Some time our customers drop down the phone due to drop down the cellphone, its ic damage or not work so its mechanism  not work properly.

Solution: First check the phone’s battery

2nd Replace osc-4000 component which is highlighted in the upper picture solution.

If problem remains then replace ic named U4001 which is also highlighted in the upper picture solution.

Try the solutions one by one, i hope your problem will be solved.


Samsung SM-T285 custom binary blocked by frp problem solution

First flash with this flash file :T285_XXU0APJ2_OLB0APJ3

2nd use this method to remove the frp because after flash frp remains.

Put the simcard in phone and use this exe for make the call

Put frp apk’s in the mass memory which is already detected.

Use frp call …,

when you have enter the internet w w w. google . com just go to this web site

From samsung apps just sign in your Samsung account then download es file explorer.

open the es file explorer go to download folder when i put in the frp bypass apk’s but i only use quick-shortcut for this model..



After do this sign in working gmail account then reboot the Samsung sm-t285

After this you can enter the menu just remove the samsung account and gmail account then reset/format and solved frp problem with custom binary problem.

Samsung S6 SM-G920F Sound problem solution

Due to many request of my customers which is related to Gsm field, i share with you a common problem solution,

its called Sound problem solution. Here we are mentioning the audio solution of s6 ( sm-g920f).

Precautions: Use this solution for your own risk.

Problem symptoms: When your phone stuck or hang on , when phone rings.

Some time it restart during ringing or calling.

But big problem starts when your phone’s audio not work.

Solution: First replace the speaker, if problem remains then replace u8006 ic which is highlighted in the

upper picture solution. If problem remains after the apply of this solution then contact with gsm4g team.

Don’t forget to say thanks.

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Samsung S6 sm-G920F WiFi Bluetooth problem repair solution

Many customers ask me about wifi and Bluetooth problem of s6, So finally i got it and share with you.

Symptoms: When your phone ask password again and again, means problem in wifi module.

if your phone can’t find the wifi and not show the signals of wifi then you use this solution for remove the problem.

Because phone’s wifi or Bluetooth module is damage.

Solution:  Just replace the highlighted ic named (u4000), i hope your problem will be solved.



Samsung S6 SM-G920F front camera problem solution

Dear customers with your high request to ask the Samsung S6 front camera problem , finally i found the

problem and its solution. So i share with my audience.

Try the solution one by one as shows in the upper figure.

Solution: First replace the highlighted component ( R9003), if problem remains then use 2nd method to solve camera problem.

2nd method: Replace the ic u7001 which is already mention in the upper picture solution.

I hope your problem will be solved, All methods are tested but apply the methods at your own risk.


Samsung S6 sm-G920F Back Camera problem solution

My hardware technician request to ask me about Samsung s6 back camera problem solution, So finally i get it and sort out the

problem with the help of some hardware Technics. lets come out about solution which is try one by one method.

First method: Check or replace the resistance which is highlighted in the upper solution.

2nd method: Replace the u9000 ic which is showing in the upper picture solution.

Samsung S6 sm-G920F sim card not work solution

My customers always request me to solution of insert sim card of s6, so i get it and share with you.

This is step by step guide to solve the insert sim problem solution. Actually this problem shows, when

you replace the sim card again and again but you can’t notice that about the damage of sim jacket.

Solution: First check the sim slot with the help of multi-meter if you face some problem in it  then replace first,

If problem remains then use 2nd method, Check and replace the highlighted components which shows in the upper picture


3rd method: If all method fails then replace the ic  U4012, which is also mention on the picture solution.

I hope your problem will be solved.

Samsung S6 sm-G920F no network problem solution

When you face the problem not network found in Samsung S6, don’t worry apply reset method

but save your important data before reset the phone. After the reset your problem will be solved.

If problem not solve then use Second method, just open the phone and replace the highlighted components

in the upper picture solution.But try one by one this solution, first replace tcx200 if problem remains then replace

2nd one name u3000 ic .

I hope your signal problem will be solved.

Warning: if you are not professional mobile technician  then avoid to do this work.



Desire 626s frp remove sucessfully

Today we face the problem Desire 626s  stuck or hang and finally i deside to reset the phone.

But after the reset it hang on gmail account means it ask about to enter the gmail account which you

use in first time, so i forget previous account. I try to recover it but unfortunately can’t recover.

So i contact with friend which is professional in software field, he uses devices for remove the account .

When i go to his software shop, i saw he did this work with nck box. He used the option reset frp  in the nck box, but i stuck when i saw the selection is wrong , it set to Motorola while my set is htc brand .

But this trick work fine when i saw the phone is ready to use….. You can also see in the upper picture solution.

Samsung A510F And A510FD FRP Remove successfull

Some time people use reset method but after the reset

you forget the gmail account, it hangs on setup wizard and you can’t enter into menu option,

So we need to reset the frp account by pc method.

In the professional business we use z3x box for the account but this model can’t reset with simple way.

So one trick we use for remove the account from the phone.

Method: First flash the phone with this firmware  Download

Then use z3x box and use option reset frp, after this work you can enjoy ……..

Your phone will be unlocked.