Repair IMEI SM

How can I repair or replace IMEI on SM-G955U Galaxy s8+

Which box or service. THANKS.

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  1. tavenger52
    rn shahsoft <>
    I think you have to wait 2 to 3 months or more 😁😃

    rnShahzaib Jahangir

    No box supports g955u or g950u (qualcomm) usa variants yet? title=frown title=mad

  2. TechWorld

    There are a few sites that offer this service for qualcom versions of S8. Not sure how they are doing it, but it does seem possible.

  3. killu
    rn raulka2003 <>
    Yet it’s possible done 2 phones also unlock+imei repaire for T-Mobile {s8+} but prices is too high 1xx$

    Kindly to be helped Along with the site you used

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