All Samsung Cert file Collection Tested here

If you find certificate files for repair the security area of samsung phone,
or you want to repair the imei problem then you must need to write the cert file,
which is compatible with your phone.
So for this purpose i share the huge collection of certificate files, which is sorted by
model wise of samsung phone.
Here are certificate file , means cert file with password detail, download from here:

Samsung Galaxy GT- i8258>Download    Password: cert1

Samsung Galaxy GT-i8262>Download     Password: cert2

Samsung Galaxy GT-i8268>Download     Password: cert3

Samsung Galaxy GT-i8558>Download     Password: cert4

Samsung Galaxy GT-i9060>Download     Password: cert5

Samsung Galaxy GT-i9060i>Download     Password: cert6

Samsung Galaxy GT- i9060L>Download    Password: cert7

Samsung Galaxy GT-i9260>Download     Password: cert8

Samsung Galaxy GT- i9300>Download    Password: cert9

Samsung Galaxy GT-i9300i>Download     Password: cert10

Samsung Galaxy GT- i9301i>Download    Password: cert11

Samsung Galaxy GT- i9308i>Download    Password: cert13

Samsung Galaxy GT- i9500>Download    Password: cert14

Samsung Galaxy GT- i9515>Download     Password: cert15

Samsung Galaxy GT-i9515L>Download     Password: cert16

Samsung Galaxy GT- N7100>Download    Password: cert17

Samsung Galaxy GT-N8000>Download     Password: cert18

Samsung Galaxy GT-P3100>Download     Password: cert19

Samsung Galaxy GT- P5100>Download    Password: cert20

Samsung Galaxy GT-P5200>Download     Password: cert121

Samsung Galaxy GT- P5220>Download    Password: cert22

Samsung Galaxy GT- S6790>Download    Password: cert23

Samsung Galaxy GT-S6790N>Download     Password: cert24

Samsung Galaxy GT-S7275B>Download     Password: cert25

Samsung Galaxy GT-S7275T>Download     Password: cert26

Samsung Galaxy GT- S7390>Download    Password: cert27

Samsung Galaxy GT- S7390G>Download    Password: cert28

Samsung Galaxy GT- S7392>Download    Password: cert29

Samsung Galaxy GT- S7580>Download    Password: cert30

Samsung Galaxy GT- S7582>Download    Password: cert31

Samsung Galaxy GT- S7583T>Download    Password: cert32

Samsung Galaxy SC-01F>Download     Password: cert33

All Cert files are tested by gsm team but use at your own risk, company is not responsible of any act.

All samsung cert files are free of cost.

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