Samsung G531 Back Camera Problem Repair Solution

The high request from my customers, finally i get the solution of back camera problem of samsung g531 , so

now i am able to share with you because it is tested by me.

Problem symptoms: Camera not work, blank display when open the camera, some time it shows error like (unfortunately camera has stopped )

etc, some time it hangs when open the camera.

Causes of problem: Some time we use the camera badly, some time this happens due to fell down, some time this happens due to moisture or

fell down into the water.

Solution: If problem causes due to fell down into  the water then open the phone and clean with thinner and use hot gun to dry it and check the phone

that the problem will solved or not, if problem remains then check the voltage as highlighted in the upper picture solution and finally replace the highlighted resistances named R604 and R605.

I hope your problem will be solved. If you like my solutions then never forget say thanks and share this post with your loved ones.


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