Samsung galaxy S6 edge (SM-G925) showing full covarage on 3G or 4G but when you call the number is out of covarage.
on 2G get the calls Along without any problem.

Tried full flash Along with ODIN, cleaning connectors inside, change coaxial cables, nothing to be helped.

kindly to be helped me to solve that issue!

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  1. Metaton-alfred

    nThanks @khanwasim1991,
    nWhat do you mean service provider info?
    nI have changed many sim cards and different providers. Checked internet, MMS settings, etc. nothing to be helpeded.
    nI also rooted the phone in order to choose bands, but I’m not really sure about that.
    nIts really strange working perfect on 2G and once I change to Auto the result is this:
    nIcon 2G (Edge) – always can connect
    nIcon 4G always can connect
    nIcon H+ – sometimes connecy
    nIcon H – can not connect

    nCan somebody to be helped me kindly Along with that!

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