Vivo v5s imei repair with sn

Vivo v5s imei repair with the help of sn-writer software which is free to available…
No need any box or paid software for this purpose just follow the method and repair your phone’s imei.
which is damage and there are many paid tool failed during repair….

How to repair Vivo imei repair
Here is method and step by step guide to repair imei of Vivo mobile…



1.Unpack the SN Write tool zip file into a folder and run SN Writer as Administrator

2.Under Com Port, select USB VCOM



3.Under Target Type, select your type of device





4.Click on System Config



5.The System Config dashboard should pop up



6.If you wish to write IMEI to the phone then tick IMEI under Write Option. Under IMEI Option, tick the appropriate option (mostly Dual IMEI) depending on the number of SIM card slots the phone has. For the rest like Bluetooth Address, Wi-Fi, Address etc, ticking the box in front of them is just enough




7.Click the MD1_DB button at the bottom. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the location of the MD1_DB file (usually named like BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT65**…..), select it then click Open



8.Click the AP_DB button at the bottom. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the location of the AP_DB file (usually named like APDB_MT65**…..), select it then click Open



9.Click Save at the bottom



10.You should be back to the SN Write tool Home screen, click Start



11.If you’re writing IMEI, enter IMEI 1 and 2 then click OK

12.If you’re writing Bluetooth Address and it is something like bc:b3:08:4c:1f:99 then you simply type bcb3084c1f99 then click OK

13.If you’re writing Wi-Fi Address and it is something like bc:b3:08:cb:c0:f6 then you simply type bcb308cbc0f6 then click OK

14.SN Writer should now display Start searching preloader com port and handshake. At this point, switch off the phone (still with battery inside) and connect it to the PC (do not hold any button on the phone) via a USB cord

15.You should now see Start searching kernel com port and handshake, just sit back and don’t interrupt the process

16.You’ll then see Start switch to MD meta and init Modem database. At this point, the phone will come on. Don’t worry, SN Writer is simply booting it into Meta Mode

17.Next, you’ll see Start loop write data to nvram

18.You should then see Start backup nvram to BinRegion, you’re almost done

19.You should new see a green PASS prompt. You can now disconnect the phone

and write imei which you desire for phone……

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